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Such a blessing new babies are in our lives.
Having your babies christening at Old Mission Congregational Church is a perfect way to start their new blessed life.
A christening is the perfect reason for families to come together and celebrate new life and new beginnings.
Old Mission Congregational Church welcomes all to participate in this beautiful event.
Godparents love to share in this beautiful time in the childs life.
My in-laws were married here.  My husband and his sister christened here so it was only natural for our daughters to be christened here as well.  The ceremony was perfect and to be here at Old Mission  Congregational Church with all of its charm, history and love......well it was a sweet beginning for our new
Christenings.........a perfect beginning
A christening is such a special blessed event in a child’s life.   
We welcome the opportunity to have  your child christened and welcomed into God’s amazing world at Old Mission Congregational Church.  God loves his children and welcoming them into his world at any age is a blessing that the child will carry with them through their lives. 
If you would like information on having your christening/baptism at our historic church please contact us at christenings@omcconline.com